In ‘On Another Plane’

Calypso Solo was published by AudioArcadia in autumn 2015, in the science fiction and fantasy anthology On Another Plane edited by Lindsay Fairgrieve. It’s a SF story, telling the tale of an expedition gone wrong. Stranded on uninhabited Calypso, astronaut Emily knows her survival chances are not good. But she doesn’t yet understand the real challenge …

Calypso Mission Log: Landing Day +3. Log recorded by Psych Officer/Biologist Emily Harris

Crash landing on Calypso. Cause: lateral engine failure. Dead on impact: Mission Commander Jenkins, Science Officer Wu and Medical Officer Buczynski. Engineering Officer Adams and I were thrown clear. Dave has broken ribs and a bad leg injury. I have a deepish but clean cut to the right thigh, now stitched and healing; no other injuries.

The dead crew were buried with curtailed rites, as Dave needs constant attention. Burial ground is north of the Hab site, makeshift grave markers in place ….

On Another Plane is available in paperback from Amazon.

On Another Plane
Published by AudioArcadia October 2015