Somebody in the media said recently that we should start to record the current Covid-19 pandemic from the point of view of an ordinary person in the midst of it, leaving a record for posterity. A sort of Mrs Miniver for our times. I’ve decided that person should be me.

It’s a prevarication from getting on with writing my second novel, as well as the obvious way to fill empty hours vacated by giving up cafes and bookshops, and dropping in on my friends. Actually, I can carry on irritating friends and family online instead of in person – that’s cheered me up. Never fear, though, I won’t be sharing (many) stats and research articles; just giving the personal experience over the next weeks and months, as it works out for a middle-aged couple living in a small town in the rural West Midlands of England. And for our dog Peggy, who couldn’t care less about coronavirus. (See above for the gorgeous Peggy. I’m the one in the blue dress.)

We have definitely moved into interesting times. I’ll do my best to keep these blogs coming on a fairly regular basis, and I hope you enjoy them. And please do comment – I want to know how you are all doing during our Time of Coronavirus. We really are in this together, it turns out.