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Heart’s Trust

This longer short story is now out in SFerics 2017, edited by Roz Clarke and published by Rosie Oliver.

Other writing news

Chocolate for Liesl

This new short story, currently being edited, was written  for Malvern Writers’ Circle 70th anniversary anthology coming out in summer 2018. With a theme of 1948, I’ve gone for a different approach. The result is a tale told from the viewpoint of a little boy during the Berlin airlift.  With a twist, of course. Here’s a taster:

Mami clicked her tongue, and splashed a handful of water on Willy’s head, trying to get the whorl of fair hair at the crown to stick down.
There, you’ll have to do. Just finish washing your hands. Aunt Klara is waiting.’
Willy followed Mami into the front room of their Berlin house. They were lucky, having
three rooms and a kitchen. Mami had mended the bomb-shattered windows herself, bartering the glass for extra shifts at the RAF Gatow canteen where she’d been working since the British came in 1945. Mami was popular at Gatow, being a good cook, but more because she was a person everyone loved. Papi loved her too, but Papi wasn’t here. He had been sent east near the end of the war. The letters stopped soon after.


My first novella is progressing nicely. Having collected feedback from a wide range of readers on the first draft, I’m well into the second draft. Sadly I lost my potential publisher when he suffered serious illness and retired from publishing. Not, I hope, from the effects of reading my synopsis and early chapters.

So decisions will need making about how to publish this book, but getting the second draft finished, out to my beta readers, and polished by an editor, comes first.