Fear and Fables…horror at Christmas

Back in the autumn, the bijou but lovely team at Stormy Island Publishing kindly accepted my flash story Mirror at Midnight for their upcoming Halloween anthology. Then fate intervened, via toddler’s orange juice poured into the editor’s laptop, and Halloween went by uncelebrated (by me). Continue reading “Fear and Fables…horror at Christmas”

Whither the Land of Hope and Glory?

Campaigners for Remain and LibDems united in Great Malvern

So here we are, two days before the Election of 2019. Totally lost.

On the one hand, we have Boris Johnson refusing to look at a photo of a small child, seriously ill with pneumonia, who’s forced to lie on a pile of coats in A& E. Continue reading “Whither the Land of Hope and Glory?”

Book Review: The Wall

The Wall by John Lanchester

by John Lanchester. Published by Faber and Faber, 2019.

We’re in Britain, in the near future – perhaps nearer than we think. And something has gone horribly wrong.

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A Saturday in Brexitland

A Saturday in Brexitland

I’m tired. You’re tired. We’re all tired. Sick and tired of the three years and counting of Brexit. Fed up. Almost screaming to escape from backstops, blame games, borders (hard or otherwise), Boris, and Brussels.

Brexit sucks. Continue reading “A Saturday in Brexitland”

Another chilly morning on the streets

Another chilly morning on the streets

Another year, another #PeoplesVote Day of Action.

Peggy and I were once more canvassing with MalvernforEurope in our local village, Colwall, at the western foot of the Malvern Hills on Saturday 12 January.

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Rediscovering Alice

Rediscovering Alice

I first read Nevil Shute’s A Town Like Alice as a teenager. At the time I found it a gripping story, combining adventure, romance, war and an unparalleled portrayal of life in the Australian outback. I have since re-read this slim masterpiece many times, most recently this week. The Rider and I have been holidaying in Malaysia after a hot busy fortnight in Hà Nội, Vietnam [long story featuring two weddings and many family visits – see my other blog].

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