A Small Kindness

I arrived back at Paddington Station after a midday event in London, quite early for my afternoon train home. The day was now considerably warmer than when I had left Mark at 6.30 am, and as I was wearing a thick coat and carrying several bags, I was feeling hot and dishevelled. Time for a cup of tea and perhaps a nice piece of cake. Continue reading “A Small Kindness”

The Christmas Journey

It’s mid-November as I write this, and the pre-Christmas season of planning, parties and panic is in full swing already.
If you’re like me, every autumn you promise yourself this will be the festive season you float serenely through, everything ticked off the list on time. (And yes, I mean even sending sea mail parcels to Australia by September, to save on postage.) Continue reading “The Christmas Journey”

A Summer Dawn

A Summer Dawn

In the absolute stillness of the young day, the parish church sits four-square and timeless. Its west face is shadowed, cool grey stone shot through with glowing honey bands reflecting the warmth of the matching cottages across Little Moor Road. A backcloth of wispy rose and azure stripes to the east heralds another hot day arriving. The jackdaws are not yet about their raucous breakfasts, but already the steady piping of songbirds gathers volume. The fronds of the ancient yew in the churchyard corner barely move. Continue reading “A Summer Dawn”