Walking with a million friends

Walking with a million friends

After three years of Brexit, it’s easy to feel jaded, worn out and helpless. Whichever way you voted in the referendum of June 2016, I’ll bet my Grandma’s best black hat you didn’t think you were voting for the mess we’re all in now. It would be so easy to give up, to throw our hands in the air and join the many who are saying, ‘I want it all to go away. Just get on with it.’

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Another chilly morning on the streets

Another chilly morning on the streets

Another year, another #PeoplesVote Day of Action.

Peggy and I were once more canvassing with MalvernforEurope in our local village, Colwall, at the western foot of the Malvern Hills on Saturday 12 January.

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A day in the life of a pro-European activist (and her human)

A day in the life of a pro-European activist (and her human)

8A2DAF55-512E-4036-AE94-86F424681149It’s nearly Christmas. So here in the UK that means festive conversations and convivial gatherings around the issue of the hour…Brexit.
This is me, Jacquie Rogers, writer, pro-European, and member of Malvern for Europe. Wearing a silly EU beret.

And this is Peggy, three months old. Definitely in charge. Wearing a peggy in gilet jaunecanine gilet jaune. Together we canvassed for the People’s Vote in Great Malvern today.

We learnt a lot. 

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Why I won’t be doing NaNoWriMo this year.

Why I won’t be doing NaNoWriMo this year.

I don’t often write about political events, either here or in my travel blog

This blog is intended for those who love reading, and might like to follow my writing and publications. Nevertheless I won’t apologise to you, my readers, for diverting today a little way down the murky paths of UK politics. But you are deserving of an explanation, so here goes:

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Winter Notes


January and February can seem dispiriting months. After the golden glory of autumn, with its flashes
of colour, and the celebrations and bonhomie of Christmas, New Year feels grey and leaden-footed.
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A Small Kindness

I arrived back at Paddington Station after a midday event in London, quite early for my afternoon train home. The day was now considerably warmer than when I had left Mark at 6.30 am, and as I was wearing a thick coat and carrying several bags, I was feeling hot and dishevelled. Time for a cup of tea and perhaps a nice piece of cake. Continue reading “A Small Kindness”

The Christmas Journey

It’s mid-November as I write this, and the pre-Christmas season of planning, parties and panic is in full swing already.
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