Roman Britain wasn’t built in a day…

imageI think you could say it’s all gone a bit pear-shaped over the past two weeks. Not wanting to make excuses, but … since my last blog I have written a miserly thousand or so words for my NaNoWriMo draft novel.

Now this is not entirely my fault. In fact, I’ve got a pretty cast-iron excuse. That rumble with my orthopaedic surgeon in late October?  Well, after making good progress for the first couple of weeks, I then developed an infection in the wound, right over the knee joint. Fortunately I got prompt and competent treatment from our beleaguered local NHS, who sent me home with a huge box of antibiotics and blood-curdling warnings about orthopaedic joint infections – not to be taken lightly was the gist.

So I have spent the past fortnight in a haze of rebooted pain and drugs, not to mention sleep-deprivation as the doses had to be taken strictly six-hourly round the clock.

None of this is conducive to writing a Romano-British adventure masterpiece. But the good news is the drugs are working, I still have a right leg, and I even managed 800+ words and concocted several new minor characters today.  I may not make 50,000 by end November, but I’m determined to keep going till I do!

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2 thoughts on “Roman Britain wasn’t built in a day…

  1. Well done with your efforts to make progress despite the awful and badly timed setback with your leg. Keep going Jacquie

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