“On Another Plane” – SF story published!

Published by AudioArcadia October 2015
Published by AudioArcadia October 2015

I’m excited. Very excited. Superlatively excited. Not that you would notice. What immensely significant event has occurred, you ask?

Only that my SF short story “Calypso Solo” has just been published by AudioArcadia in their anthology On Another Plane, edited by the wonderful Lindsay Fairgrieve.

(Small yay with exclamation mark allowable?)

The book is now out in print, worldwide, through Lulu.com (see below for link).  The eBook will follow in a couple of weeks, available on Amazon. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you in time for Christmas shopping.

So now we can find out what happened to Emily and Dave (see the teaser in my blog SF Success! a month ago), along with reading the other competition-winning stories in the anthology. Whew – I was getting so worried about them….

[On Another Plane is available now in paperback from Lulu, and Amazon, and in  eBook from Amazon and Lulu.]

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